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Breastplate is a reinforced block designed to cover openings having width up to 3 m.

Breastplate consists of claydite, cement, water and voluminous steel reinforcement. The reinforcement uses steel rods with diameter 8 to 12 mm. Breastplates are manufactured with various width (100, 150, 200, 250, 300 mm).

  • Breastplate Kolle does not create the cold bridge since it is made of claydite with good thermal insulation properties. Thermal conductivity of lintel is 0.2 w/mk. The lintel is an excellent base for plastering.
  • Dimensions of lintel are basing on dimensions of light Kolle blocks.
  • Kolle lintels can be installed without use of lifting devices
  • In construction the lintels should be plastered in order to ensure fire resistance (R30) as well as to protect reinforcement from corrosion.
  • Light Kolle lintels are not recommended for use in construction of waterproof structures and in environment with high chloride content.
  • Load points (for example, beams, floor slabs) are not recommended to be placed in the middle of the lintel opening. It is desirable to find such solution where the load would be placed possibly nearer to the lintel end.

Allowable load upon lintel

Length (deflection, mm) Width (mm)
1190 1490 1790 2090 2390 2690 2990
(1,4) (2,0) (2,6) (3,2) (3,8) (4,4) (5,0)
100 14,5 12,0 11,0        
150 15,0 12,5 18,5 20,5 14,0    
200 16,0 17,0 19,0 21,0 15,0 11,5 11,0
250 25,0 22,0 21,0 28,5 20,5 15,0 30,0
300 26,5 23,5 22,5 30,0 22,5 17,0 32,5

Breastplate having length up to 1490 mm must base by its both ends upon brickwork/masonry with not less than 250 mm width! We recommend to lay always 3 to 4 courses of blocks on the lintel in order to obtain the “arch effect” that will transfer the load of the lintel to the masonry. Load upon light lintels may not exceed values shown in the table.

If wall thickness exceeds 150 mm, then during masonry work with air gap between mortar layers one reinforcement course should be introduced into each mortar layer.

When lengthening Bi-reinforcement, minimal overlapping of reinforcement pieces should be 500 mm. when reinforcing the masonry base, Bi-reinforcement should be applied after each two courses of blocks since heavier load is placed on the base.