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Hollow concrete blocks KOLLE BETON

Hollow concrete blocks (“kolle bloks”)

Kolle blocks are a good material for the base of buildings, carrying walls, partition walls, fire resistant walls and soundproof walls. These blocks distinguish in enhanced carrying capability and are more suited for industrial and manufacturing structures as well as for non-heated buildings. Kolle blocks have found application in construction of supporting walls since hollow canals allow inserting the reinforcement and filling the openings with concrete thus forming a ferroconcrete wall without performance of formwork.


Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg, net) pcs/m3 m2/1 m3 Transportation pallet
pcs m3
190x190x390 15,7 71 5,26 90 1,27
240x190x390 19,1 56 4,15 72 1,28

Dimensions 190x190x390 240x190x390
Mass (kg)) 15,7 19,1
Density (kg/m3) 1200 1100
Masonry mass (kg/m3) 212 257,8
Full share (%) 53 51
Pressure strength (N/mm2) 9,54 9,18
Water permeability (%) 3 3
Frost resistance (F) 50 50
Air/sound isolation index (Db) 21/53 21/55
Thermal resistance, R (m2xK/W) 0,35 0,36
Fire resistance (min) REI 240 REI 240

Concrete, one of basic materials used in construction, has long service life and high fire resistance; if necessary, its properties such as strength and density can be adapted depending on application purposes.


Upon certain processing, concrete mixes allow obtaining particular forms, including wall blocks, both solid and hollow. Wall blocks can be manufactured by means of vibrocompression, casting etc. solidification of blocks takes place under natural conditions in drying chambers.

Hollow concrete blocks are manufactured in accordance with semi-dry vibrocompression method that is basing on the mix of cement, sand and crushed stone. Due to unique vibrocompression method the blocks distinguish with unchanging quality and high mechanical strength allowing their use in carrying walls of multistory buildings and self-supporting structures. .