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To avoid large cracks as a result of mechanical load and temperature variations when laying the block structures, the masonry reinforcement means (Bi-reinforcement) should be used.

Reinforcement of block masonry

To avoid large cracks resulting from changes in pressure and temperature, the reinforcement (Bi-reinforcement) should be used.

Stepped lengthening

Minimal overlapping, when extending the Bi-reinforcement, is 500 mm.

Reinforcing the base

Bi-reinforcement should be applied to each two courses of blocks since the base carries the biggest load.

Reinforcement is completely covered with mortar

If the wall thickness is more than 150 mm, in case of air formations (gaps) one reinforcement should be used for each form of mortar (see figures below).

Reinforcement is used to prevent the formation of cracks. When installing Bi-reinforcement, a gap should be left for air in order to avoid freezing out of joints (cement mortar).