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Curbs of roads and sidewalks

Good pavement requires proper framing. The curbs, or edge stones, assume the load of sidewalk edges, remove leakages into the base layer of the material, prevent the deformation of traffic-bearing surface and the settling of cobblestone. It is known that each season after the snow has melted, the gaps appear between joints in a cobble-stone paved road section having no the edge stones.

Normally, the curbs are installed before the cobblestone is laid, when the base under the cobblestone is completely ready. Road and sidewalk curbs are put upon concrete of which thickness from the bottom and the side of the curb is 10 cm. Upon pavement of roads, car parkings or ground at the house, such curbs are recommended to be used which fit most with the chosen cobblestone in colour and finish.


Kolle beton offers few types of curbs:

  • Road curb
  • Lowered curb
  • Left, right curb
  • Radius (1, 2, 3, 5, 8 m)
  • Sidewalk curb

Technical data

Description Size, mm Weight, kg Delivery in pallets
Pcs. rows Weight, tons
Road curb 1000x300x150 100 18 3 1,8
Lowered curb 1000x220x150 76 18 3 1,30
Left, right curb 1000x220x150 76 18 3 1,30
Radius (1, 2, 3, 5, 8 m) 780x300x150 85 14 2 1,20
Sidewalk curb 1000x200x80 40 30 3 1,2