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Crushed stone and sand

In construction of private houses as well as on final stages of large projects or in other small works a moderate amount of inert materials (sand and crushed stone) is required. In order to properly lay cobblestone, the base for it should be prepared well, which requires sand and crushed stone. Making the concrete mix with own forces will again require sand and crushed stone. The plant offers these materials prepackaged into large-size 1 cu-m bags. If the required volume is less than the standard truck freight volume, then the right choice will be packages of just such size.


Name Fraction Unit weight Volume (litres)
Washed sand 0-4 1,44 1000
Washed crushed stone 8-16 1,40 1000
Washed crushed stone 16-32 1,40 1000
Crushed gravel mix 0-32 1,65 1000
Crushed gravel mix 0-45 1,65 1000
Crushed stone mix 0-45 1,70 1000